Andrew Rooke

Business Development Consultant -- Green-G Electric Vehicles

Andrew Rooke is a Business Development Consultant at Green-G Electric Vehicles. A Strategic Leader who is considered to be a visionary among his colleagues, Rooke is passionate about leaning towards business strategies blooming on the cutting edge

Education & Qualifications

Andrew Rooke established the foundation of his career in business with the pursuit of his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Economics from the University of York.  He has also completed a professional program focusing on Strategy Development at Columbia University Business School.  A hands-on strategic leader, Rooke has been fortunate to experience a variety of lessons throughout his career — all outside of the classroom!  He is a firm believer in continued learning and a commitment to performance improvement.  As such, Rooke is eager to take on any new challenges that may arise, as well as embrace the many opportunities that come up to implement new strategies.  These opportunities are invaluable educational experiences, which have added to his business acumen in a strong manner.  

Professional Career

Green-G Electric Vehicles

In 2022, Andrew Rooke joined the Green-G Electric Vehicles team as a Business Development Consultant.  Focused on environmental sustainability, Green-G Electric Vehicles specializes in medium-sized commercial vehicles.  Paving the way for a whole new specialization in the transportation industry, Green-G is on the cutting edge.  As a Business Development Consultant, Rooke plays a pivotal role in introducing Green-G to the world and areas where their technology can benefit most.